About Our Family

Hello! We are so glad you are here. You are supporting our small business and our family with every purchase and we are more grateful than you will ever know. Our journey began as small business owners in 2017 when we had the opportunity to become the new owners of RiverTown Boutique. We enjoyed that chapter of our lives for many years before taking a break after our second child was born. This break allowed us to focus on our family and careers as educators. After our third child was born in 2022 it became a very clear that God wanted me (Carisa- and momma to three beautiful girls) to stay home and devote more time to our family. My husband is a P.E. teacher and coach by day and beekeeper by hobby. There was always a part of us that missed being small business owners and decided to open Anderson Honey & Grace. This name has great significance because it reflects a new chapter in our lives. We are excited to bring you love from our bees (honey), tees, bags, mugs, and so much more. Grace has a special meaning to us because it is through God's given grace that all things are possible and work for his good. This was taught to me through my grandmother. Her favorite song was Amazing Grace and we loved to sing it together. She will always hold a special place in my heart and I wanted to honor her through naming part of my business after her. We hope you leave here feeling inspired, loved, and never forgetting God loves you- and ALL things are possible with him! Thank you for being here and supporting us. We are so very thankful! 

The Anderson Family